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Hi. Thanks for visiting my site. Here you can order a pet or family portrait, a landscape or harbour scene, a picture of your house, or even a vintage car. I just need one or more clear photos to work from. You are also welcome to just browse through the gallery pages for your own enjoyment.

I have a wide variety of paintings and drawings on show, in pencil, pen and wash, watercolour and gouache. Why not oil? Well, I haven't used oil since I left art college. I find water-based paint does everything I ask of it, and there is no smell of turps! There is a freshness to watercolour which is totally unique. It stems from the way the white paper shines through the transparent paint.

I also use gouache, which is really watercolour with 'body'. As an opaque medium it doesn't need to be used on white paper, and you can use it thick, so it's possible to paint from dark to light, as with oil paint.

You will also find pencil drawings here. Pencil has its own charm. I think everyone likes pencil drawings. There are also some pen and wash sketches. I don't normally take commissions in pen and ink, but it has its own place in my studio.

I have included three pages of dog quotes from the likes of Dorothy Parker, James Thurber and Charles Dickens and two pages on wolves, with accompanying sketches. There is also the story of my Border Collie, Patch and some other Scottish stories, plus a page about conservation (illustrated by my daughter!) There is a page about me and where I live, letters from some of my customers and a page about how not to take photos of your dog!

If you scroll down my Sitemap, you'll see all the galleries, stories, information about prices and enquiries on the left, and links and resources on the right.

James Collins BA(Hons)
Moray, Scotland.
Phone: 01343 556205


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